A big thank you to Evolve Housing for presenting on homelessness in Croydon and to all those that attended at this morning’s networking breakfast.

Evolve has been working on some fantastic initiatives to tackle homelessness within Croydon and further afield. Last summer Evolve Housing + Support along with other key partners started an initiative called CR Zero 2020;  a project that seeks to end chronic rough sleeping in Croydon by 2020.  They brought 100 volunteers together from across the community to get to know every rough sleeper by name; and find out why they are on the streets and what they need to become independent, through carrying out a survey during last August.

Since then an action plan has been put together and volunteers are working to bring about mass systems change in the borough to end rough sleeping.  They are re-surveying the street population again this August and are looking for more volunteers to be involved in the project. To be apart of this fantastic initiative visiting Evolve’s web site to find out more.

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